My Room

Given the fact that today I’m stuck in my room, I decide to introduce my favorite stuff on it…those little things that show who I am and what I love.

My Audrey Hepburn poster. I bought it in Spain, this February, I saw it and couldn’t not to buy it.
While I was in Spain, I bought my very first desiger item. It wasn’t such a big purchase, I bought Marc Jacobs’ Lola perfume. The lady packed it it this big bag and she was so nice that gave me a little makeup holder that actually cames with MJ’s Daisy. I love Marc with all my heart, he is my favorite designer and LV is one of my favorite brands ever. So for me, being able to finally have something from him was amazing, since in my country they didn’t sell it…but two weeks after I came back from Spain, the brought it here…I don’t care, I bought mine in Europe šŸ˜›
Also, I search all over Spain for a biography of Coco Chanel as I’m a big fan of her and the brand and I chose the one I thought was the best one. I haven’t start reading it because I’ve been really lazy with the long list of books to read, but I will probably start it on July.
Then there’s my Chanel iPhone case, with I bought here before the trip, but now I’m reall looking forward to buy a new one which has the United Kingdom flag, I’m pretty in love with it<3.
My Harry Potter Film Wizardry book. I also bought it in Spain, it turn out to be my lucky day when I found a treasure like this since I’m a huge fan of the books and the movie. It’s full of photos, stories and facts about the movies, memories from the cast and crew and behind the scenes.
And then there’s this little Dobby the Elf statue. My parents bought it for me on a trip, knowing how much I love the Harry Potter world.

Last but not least, my three cushions, two of them with photos and stuff about Chanel and Dior, and the other with an odd animal print.

Hope you like this little view of my room favorites items.



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