John Galliano

I remember being on vacations in Spain, laying in bed with my iPad reading the news on New York Maganize’s blog The Cut and finding out about John Galliano’s “tragedy”. My very first feeling was disappointment as I’m a huge fan of him and I consider him a genius, as most people that love the Fashion industry do. But, days later, when the news on LVMH dismissing him from Dior and from his own brand came out, I felt both such a pity for him and anger. I don’t think they needed to do that. Now 6 moths later it’s strange how everybody is talking about John Galliano as if he has passed away. Yesterday his conviction was announced but he will not go to jail, thankfully. I was really glad to read this morning all the support from the rest of the fashion industry that he has. Everyone makes mistakes, I don’t approve that kind of behavior, everybody is equal, but I do have to agree with some comments that the people involved took advantage on the fact that was John Galliano with whom they were dealing with. John paid for what he did, I don’t see him as a bad person, he was drunk and those people probably provoked him. Well, we’ll see what the future holds for our dear John, hopefully it would be something good. Meanwhile, let’s love this picture of him with Kate Moss on her wadding day for the September issue of Vogue Magazine.


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