Funny and odd the feeling that fills me every time “Fashion” gets in the conversation. It is a whole mix of things: pride, wanting to talk about Fashion for hours, how influence in my life, the meaning it has for me, how I carry it daily, wanting to show how important Fashion is for me. All this causes a strange but beautifully warm feeling inside me…something that, even if I just tried to, I just can’t explain with words.
Nobody around me has ever asked me something realated to Fashion, while inside of me I am waiting so badly to somebody to ask me and finally be able to let on everything. The only things I glad of, and probably if I didn’t have that I would be gnawing inside even more, is the fact that in my group of friends and people that really know me, I’m the fashionista/fashion expert; those people know pretty much about my obsession with clothes, designers, fashion blogs, “it girls”, everythings fashion realated, every time they see or read something about Fashion they automatically tell me. Oh! and how happy it makes me every time I hear some of them telling me “how do you do to dress up so cool?”, “you are always so pretty dressed up”, “I love what you are wearing!”. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dress to impress, but clothes is my wider way of expression, etheir that or go around screaming out my love for Fashion! I never was the tipical tall, skinny girl that likes being on a diet to fit in every piece of clothes, so I never had high self-esteem. I’m the opposite: I love eating, doing nothing, writing, reading, listening music, but it makes me happy being who I am. But then, Fashion came to my life to enlighten it, just what I needed.


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