Little Designer Things That Makes One Happy

As I don’t have the money to afford designer goods, when I travel (since in my country there are almost non designer shops) I try to take home with me at least the simplest thing.In my first time in Europe (last year) I bought Lola by Marc Jacobs and a pair go tights from BCBG Max Azria. And I fell in heaven. Last month I travel to Miami, my dad has gone so many times, he is in love with it. So he took us to this village in the Miami Dade County called Bal Harbour, home of the Bal Harbour Shops, very luxurious, full of the most known designers shops. Well this indeed was heaven on earth for me, like when we walked down 5th av in New York just a week ago. Of course every time we step in some shops, the sellers look at us like we were trash, with a “I know you are not buying anything, do me a favor an leave” kind of look. But when we reached the Marc Jacobs store everything change. I was very exited to be there, Marc is my favorite designer ever, I just love him, I wish he adopted me! The man that worked there was a darling, is amazing to leave a shop being happy of how you were treat, no matter what. We spotted some flip-flops that were in sale…they were just 11 dollars…Hopefully the had my size! Also, we found this beautiful necklaces, so my mom, my sister and I bought one for each of us. No need to say I left the shop almost jumping like crazy, it was a silly thing, but a silly thing that put a big smile in my face.


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