Barbara Palvin for Jazmin Chebar

I’ve been kind of obsess with this model whose succes keeps increasing everyday. Barbara Palvin is an 18 years old Hungarian model and since she was discover at the early age of 13 has have nothing but incredible opportunities. 
I remember seeing her in one of my Spanish Vogue copies, thought she was a gorgeous girl and knew how to do her job, as I wanted to buy everything she model in that spread; but I didn’t pay attention to her then and don’t remember why I google her but since then I have follow her work and I can tell I admire her a lot. She is my age and has achieved so much in the fashion world and gain the respect and title any model would love, she’s supermodel material.

Lately I discover that actually, she was in my country…Yes, I almost faint. Through one of my favorites, magazines Harper’s Baazar Argentina I found out she is the new face of the Winter 2012 Collection (winter in here is in June-July-August) of a very popular brand here in Argentina called Jazmin Chebar. Even thought is pretty expensive, as everything I ever like *sight*, they have really nice clothing, but I particularly like this new collection. Barbara, with her goofy and amazing personality brought fun and chicness to the shooting. Yesterday I found this videos of the backstage of it. How can anyone not adore her?

Back Campaña Invierno 2012 ♥♥. from JazminChebar on Vimeo. –> this is from the backstage too, is she dancing to a song(:

PS: I also saw some comments of a woman on the FB page of the brand claiming that Barbara was kind of “chubby”, I was in love with the fact that every comment that followed that one were about how stupid the comment was…thanks to that kind of people there are a lot of girls in the world with eating disorders. To me, Barbara is a gorgeous healthy girl, I admire her for that to!


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