College Fashion

From sweatpants and sneakers to leggings and high heels, you can find anything when it comes to everyday clothing at college. My city welcomes every year to thousands and thousands of students from little towns around it, so you have a wide variety from casual looks to dressing up like they are going out to party.
To me is pretty simple: trying to look fashionable but comfortable. Sweatpants are something that I would never wear, I hate them, but they are warm and comfy so I get why people wear them. The side of college fashion that I don’t get is where they dress up for a night out, like really, this is not high school anymore, you look ridiculous on high heels; plus it is a public college, we only pay for the photocopies! You don’t need to prove nothing to anybody, you are there to study!
The last couple of days have been a freezer, which sometimes is harder to dress up and to not look like the guy from Michelin tires. So here are some of my tips:
-find a long coat with cute details which at the same time keeps you warm, if it has a fake fur collar better so you needn’t add a scarf, but scarf are always a nice touch;
-tights under jeans will keep your legs warmer, but don’t use leggings under jeans because the leggings will enlarge;
-use comfy shoes, I see girls in heels and I think it’s insane due to the irregular floor at college and the long distances you have to walk around campus;
-either pick a fashionable backpack o satchel if you don’t want to carry your books and notebooks, or if you don’t mind carrying your things, just use any purse you want to take the little things you need;
-variation is the key, is not that it matters to dress up different each day, but it perhaps put you in a good mood when you have to wake up early to go to college.

I think that’s pretty much all, hope this advice helps you!


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