Concert Outfit

As I said, on friday I went to see Maroon5 in concert for the first time, but it was not at all my first concert. In about 2 years I went to 9 concerts and the year isn’t over yet! So when it comes to concerts outfits I always go for confort more than stylish because depending on all the conditions surrounding the event most of the times I end up being a mess when it’s over! Plus, in my case, I have to travel 3 to 5 hours by car to the capital city where most gigs are held.

This time was first time that I wasn’t on the field, I was sitting on the bleachers so this time confort wasn’t a problem, we were even in the first row, so I decide to go a little bit more dress up as I’m used to. This is actually a very close outfit to the one I wore, the t-shirt, shoes and sunglasses are exactly the same:

Maroon 5 concert outfit

Maroon 5 concert outfit from softkissnwine 

The weather was really nice, not too hot not too cold, but we are still in winter here so I chose the short-tights combination with a loose t-shirt, Convers and my favorite knit Tommy Hilfiger cardigan, with my lovely Nine West coral bag.
I don’t usually wear jewelry or any accessory because I don’t wanna lose anything and I always try not to take a lot of things so I don’t have to check if I’m missing something! But this friday I wore one of my favorite necklaces, a treble clef neckless and my usual rings with USA flag hearts earrings.
So my general advise is to chose always confort over style in gigs, you don’t want your clothes to get ruined. MOST HAVES: comfy shoes, if you can better not to take a purse at all, good pockets can work or even an small bag/purse, and if you have long hair always take hair bands. DON’Ts: heels, leather jackets, big bags, all these will only bother you.

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