Creepers obsessions

I spend the first part of last year searching for a nice pair of creepers. When I found out about them I fell in love right away. I’m not very good friends with stilettos, I love them but my walk sucks, so platforms in general became my BFFs from a couple years ago. These were the perfect way of wearing comfortable fashionable shoes that were not so formal. Finally the trend, as it happens lately, arrive to my hometown and I score a pair of black creepers with an animal printed detail, just what I was looking for. Later this year I bought my second pair, white with black and white stripes on the platform, really navy style as I love.

But of course this love story can’t have a happy ending here…eventually, creepers became mainstream in here, in the most awful and varied forms, colors and shapes you can imagine. Obviously it pisses me off. Either way, I love the ones I bought so here they are my beautiful creepers.


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