I’ve decided to take a stand and don’t let where I’m frustrate my fashion dreams. I’m sick of not being able to wear clothes I like just because it is not this town’s style. Is like I’ve never fit in here and I won’t. But I really don’t care because I know I don’t belong here. From now on, I’m done with keeping it too simple. I won’t let the lack of style of this city bring me down. I’m gonna dress everyday as I please, this town is not going to stop me, I’m not gonna dress simple anymore.

So this past week I premiered my new skirt, which I got on a sale, and I really excited about it cause I didn’t have any summer skirt until now. Add my beautiful creepers and this new long neckless which I’m in love with. Also I have always been a girl who likes t-shirts with stamps on them and never plain, but lately I’m up for basic tanks tops and shirts. Maybe is the whole growing up thing, I guess.
In other news, I finally got in my hands the December 2012 Spanish Vogue which includes a special of Mario Testino’s best photos. It takes a long time to magazines for around the world to arrive here sadly but at least it arrives at all.


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