Hedi Slimane Birthday Party

Since last years welcome to YSL, I’m become a huge fan of Hedi Slimane’s designs. He’s latest collections is something I would love to buy it all, sadly I can’t. And lately his photography has become an obsession of mine, starting with the photographs of his birthday party. He has this amazing way of taking pictures in beautiful black and white and capturing the whole essence of it. I already adopted him as my god father (Marc Jacobs already own my father spot) as we got a lot of things in common: his fashion view, he’s photography vision, and his music taste: we both love indie bands. As well as in SL fashion shows, you could see Matt Hitt from Drowners(one of my favorites bands) at the party, in the company of the wonderful Sky Ferreira and her boyfriend Cole Smith of Diiv, among others. Oh how I wish I were there, these are my kind of party…But anyway, browsing his photo diary I found myself in love with his pictures, and being a long Sky Ferreira fan, I was shock to find out that many of my favorites pictures of her were taken by Slimane himself.

Photos credits

hedisbirthday-1001557-priv copy







hedisbirthday-1002434-priv copyhedisbirthday-1002084-priv copyhedisbirthday-1002083-priv copyhedisbirthday-1001476-priv copyhedisbirthday-1001355-priv copyhedisbirthday-1001730-priv copy


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