Birthday gifts

The 7 of July was my 20th birthday and my amazing parents gave me this beautiful green leather shoes I’ve been craving for months. It was really sweet of them because I asked for concert ticket for my birthday, which I got some weeks before, but they bought me these shoes too anyway! I finally got to use them on saturday when I went with some friends to a stand up comedy show, which ticket was also a birthday present from one of my best friends.My sister also was very adorable and gave me a present of her own for the first time (although was my dad’s money, anyway): a beautiful beige oversize cardigan with some details on the elbow. It amazed me because I’ve been looking for a cardigan like this one and my sister knew it and found the perfect one. I love it when the people I love knows exactly I like.




Foto Jul 15, 23 58 41

Foto Jul 16, 0 07 11

Foto Jul 16, 0 07 21


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