New York Fashion Week: Spring Summer 2014: Alexander Wang

As I woke up this Saturday expecting nothing but spending the whole day studying for University exams, a little reminder on my iPhone pointed out two  events that actually made my day: Alexander Wang and Hervé Léger by Max Azria fashion shows. I don’t know why but something told me that morning that I would love Alexander Wang’s show and my guts were right. There are two things I’m not keen on: pastels colors and crop tops. Never liked pastels, don’t ask me why. And crop tops? Was a fan before it started to be what I call a “mass trend”, and all you used to see in my hometown were girls using crop tops with short shorts, crop tops on awful neon colors, with disney characters on them, waving their tummies around the city…and they never leave town from then on. I don’t need to go around town meeting everybody’s belly button, thanks. T-shirts still exist, please lear how to wear them.

That said, crop tops in Alexander Wang’s show where my favorite thing, especially the shirts (some were pastels others white) which lead to the thoughts of cutting my own shirts…but I think I’m over it and I’ll be able to wait until the trend hits my country or online shopping.

The (pastel) skirt were also some of my favorites; the leather pieces and the cardigans are A+ and I need that ‘Parental Advisory’ sweater o whatever it is ASAP. Let’s not even talk about who much I want the WANG gloves, I wound’t complaint to my mom about doing the dishes never again.

The shoes: THE SHOES, I fell in love with them, the look so dainty and comfortable, they just have something that makes me want them.


The color palette was just perfectly harmonious , the simple but bold patterns, the cut out, the logos…I love the different lengths and shapes of every piece of clothing, there was something for everybody’s taste.

I just wish I could make this beautiful collection magically appear in my closet…

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