I could so get used to this…


[Photo credit: Fashionisers]

Now this is really Ready-To-Wear. Saint Laurent’s Spring Summer 2014 show have just finish and I feel completely proud of trusting Hedi Slimane. It probably sounds emo-like but I LOVE black, wearing black clothes, black eye liner, black nail polish, it feels so effortless stylish, just my cup of tea; and at the same time it brings an edge, a too-cool-for-you attitude that a shy person like myself finds perfect to show my true colors and make it part of my personal style.

In this case, black was abundant but not predominant, bright colors like red, green, blue and pink were present making a statement around all the black garments, there was also some animal printed items, a beautiful golden dress.

I never knew until this year, when the AW 13 show was out, that grunge was what I needed the most in my life. I’m all up to effortless style, I’m lazy in every single way, my mom complains at that a lot (“why don’t you put some make up on? A little lipstick perhaps?” And of course at the fact that it takes me too much time to get things she asks me to do done). Adding the fact that I went to a private school all my life where we had uniforms and I barely did anything after it, in my teen years I never got the proper chance to style myself up and finding what the heck did I actually like, what things shown my personality. So it wasn’t until I started college that I could really start playing around with my style.

And that’s why I love Slimane’s Saint Laurent collections: they are real. Real RTW clothing (if you can afford it of course) with that grunge/rock & roll/chic vibe I adore.

So cheers to another great out-of-the-standard collection by Mr Slimane, which will lead to inspire mass market companies to produce clothing that I actually like and can afford, cheers.


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