Mind-stream trends: Flower Crowns

It’s official: flower crowns arrive at my hometown…run while you can.

If I’ve been scared of any trend this year is definitely flower crowns. I don’t get why people would use them outside Coachella ( but if we could avoid that too I wouldn’t mind…) or so. Maybe is my denial when it comes to girly thing in general, or flowers in general. But I just don’t get it, I find it quite, silly maybe? Is like every girl thinks that if Lana del Rey can pull it off it’s ok…er don’t think so.

I know, I take it to serious, but to me accessories are about other things, not trying to look like Mother Nature. The worst part, is that it is already everywhere. Because every season needs their mind-stream trend.

A week ago my sister told me she wanted to get one because a friend of her had one and it was cute…I may have kind of overreacted, telling her I would disinherit her (as If I could) because I could take anything in this world but two things: she liking Justin Bieber and bringing a flower crown to our house. Lucky for me, the first one never happen (bless my sister’s good music taste), and though I felt it coming, I was praying for her not to fall into that trend, as she falls for every damn trend. I can’t blame her though, she is only 17.

I can proudly say at my 20 years, I don’t fall for every-single trend that comes out, I learn 2 things from my years of having fashion in my life: you don’t need to like EVERY trend, that will not make you be more “in or out of fashion”; and when a trend goes mind-stream and you like it even though, all you have to do is keep it you way, your personal style way, standing out of the mass, instead of avoiding it.

The thing is, mind-stream trends get the worst out of me. It is not fun to see something on the runway you really like and months later, EVERYONE is wearing it, everywhere you go, people are dress in the same freaking way, and there goes individuality. I’ve never been a mass person, when I was on school I always liked things different of the ones my school mates liked, which of course lead to bullying and stuff. At first, as any 14 year old girl, I tried to hide my music taste, hobbies, every part of my personality just so I could fit in. Until it was awful and not working for me, I didn’t want to stop liking things just because they weren’t the others cup of tea. So I took being an individual and not follow what everybody did as a principal (not to an extreme of course, although going back I think I had a hipster kind of time). And of course took that principe into my personal style and fashion conscience.

So if I see you wearing a flower crown I’ll judge you, but don’t take it personal.


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